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Our private and personalised Consultations & Concierge Service is designed with you at the centre, providing you with a person-centred and holistic approach, as well as exclusive access to the very best of our wellbeing specialism and research.

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To be able to provide relevant and personalised wellbeing solutions, requires us to keep research at the heart of everything we do.  If you would like to take part or learn more about our research please contact us.

Mind, Body & Soul

Mind Warrior Training™


This training will help you reduce stress and build emotional resilience and mental strength. Training you to be fully armed to live at your optimum level and overcome life’s challenges like a warrior.

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YogBox combines the yin and yang of fitness, balancing both the benefits of energising, stress releasing Boxing to mindful and relaxing Neuroepigentic yoga, to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind!

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3S Food Plan

A simple to follow food plan ensuring you receive all the raw benefits and abundance of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to support your holistic wellbeing. A simple to follow plan, no excluding food groups, liquid food or point counting.

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Wellbeing Practitioners & Entrepreneurs Join Our Wellbeing CommonUnity Benefit from;

  • Free Lifelong membership
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  • Promotion in our online directory
  • Information & Resources
  • Business, Training & Funding Opportunities
  • Priority tickets to our workshops & events
  • Access to join our Elite Concierge Service or become OMW Partner

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Reduce work isolation, working in silo and join our network.  Sign up to our community of wellbeing champions and gain a community of like-minded practitioners, funding opportunities, PR and business development.  Help us help you deliver your wellness mission!

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Our Wellbeing Champions

Holistic Wellbeing

Ecotherapy ~ Nutrition ~Coaching ~ Fitness ~ Energy Healing ~ Massage ~ Detox ~ House Therapy ~ Counselling ~ Meditation ~ Financial Wellness ~ Mindfulness ~ Creative Therapy & More!

We are Proud Supporters of


A Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise that provides Wellness interventions for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

We love supporting other Wellbeing Champions in helping those who need it most, our mission to enable everyone to access wellbeing services and make the world happy and well!