Team of Experts

Usha Chudasama
Psychotherapist & Counsellor
An experienced Psychotherapist, NLP Master/Trainer who combines her healing-feelings approach in a unique personal development and life-skills workshops for both adults and children’s transformation.
Mervyn Barret
An Inevitability Coach who helps to align your Thinking, Feeling and Emotions so that you can achieve almost anything!
Anna Vacchelli
Art Therapist & Yoga Teacher
An Art Therapist and certified Kundalini yoga teacher who will ensure that you experience not only a shapely body, more relaxation and reduced stress but help you confront negative patterns.
Otis West
Personal Trainer & Fitness Specialist
The Fitness specialist who uses predominantly bodyweight and HIIT training in his holistic and functional based approach. The measure? Real life applications of your improved body / fitness whilst improving posture and movement patterns.
Galactic Clyde
Ankhtologist & Numerologist
Ankhtologist with over 20 years of experience in the A.N.K.H, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbahlistic and Hermetic systems. Guaranteed to elevate you spiritually!
Monika Nowik
Holistic Masseur Therapist
A Holistic massage therapist who combines her knowledge of aromatherapy, reflexology points and Reiki touch into her tailor made holistic massage sessions. She can ensure that there is a complete connection between mind, body and spirit.
John Nduwimana
Motivational & Business Consultant
The Mind Motivator and Entrepreneur working with a FTSE 250 company and founder and CEO of two companies. He can help you make the 360 degree shift in character and habits to become the best person to take on vast dreams.
Davina Roberts
Nutritional Therapist & Detox Specialist
Specialising in nutrition from ‘root to market’ focusing on raw and liquid foods, her eco-sustainable approach ensures that your body and environment is in optimum health for top to toe healing.
Lucy Pearson
Digital Detox
Providing you with unplugged group experiences to help people balance their digital habits and increase social connections.
Dr Rhoda Molife
Medical Doctor
A medical doctor who trained in Oncology and works as a Pharmaceutical Physician. Her mission is to clarify and breakdown some of the myths of medication and illness providing you with an overall clarity to enhance your health and wellbeing.
Stephen Ssali
Wellness Consultant & Energy Healer
A Wellness Consultant specialising in Intuitive Energy Healing and wellness charts to investigate health conditions and highlight imbalances in the body. To ensure you power your energy healing!
Pawel Wiacek
Body Work Therapist
A Yin Yang Bodyworks Therapist , who teaches TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises) and combines myofascial release and deep tissue bodywork, craniosacral therapy and Thai abdominal massage to ensure you are stress & trauma free.
Naomi Davidson
BoxFit, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
A unique approach to wellbeing infusing energy, relaxation and mindfulness with holistic wellbeing keeping you in tip top condition!
Hannah Jackson
Psychic Room Reader
Psychic, Medium & Room Reader to balance all four corners of your home for perfect health and wellbeing.
Akua Boucher
Massage Therapist & Aromatherapist
Massage therapist easing away aches, pains and tension within the body. Using massage & aromatherapy treatment to promote relaxation and help individuals to maintain good health and well-being. Welcome a NyuYu!