Our Mission as Wellbeing Champions is:

  • To provide support, expertise and information to individuals, community groups and organisations.
  • To create a community of Wellbeing practitioners and assist them in developing their service.
  • To conduct primary research to identify wellbeing needs and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and policies.
  • To promote the benefits and impact of holistic personal wellbeing on personal, social and societal systems.


Our Values:

Person-Centred: a core belief in the personal power of individuals to fulfil their own potential.

Collaboration: to enable individuals to express their authentic self and acknowledge their own ‘truth’.

Holistic: to recognise the multi-faceted nature of wellbeing and balance.

Inclusivity: to represent diversity in our network and practices to ensure we continue to learn and develop from different approaches and backgrounds.

Fun: to ensure our wellbeing endeavours enables us to enjoy the many benefits, experiences and joy life has to offer.

Our Aim:

“To develop a service where individuals and groups are supported to nurture and develop their personal and holistic wellbeing.”