About Us

The Orange Moon philosophy is based on the following principle;

BeAuthentic – expressing our true self to be happier, well and more balanced, to

DoPurpose – fulfilling  more of our soul purpose, passion, pursuit & life satisfaction, to

HaveConnections –  with ourselves, people, the environment and world

Most people tend to set goals in the reverse order of Have-Do-Be.  That is, they believe if they ‘have’ more, they will ‘do’ what they believe will allow them to ‘be’ who they desire.  Unfortunately ‘havingness’ does not always lead to ‘beingness’.

For your holistic wellbeing our philosophy is the Be-Do-Have, be who you desire, to do more of what you enjoy, to have what you need.  The Be (who) drives the Do (action) to gain the Have (outcome).

Too many of us are busy human-doings, constantly on the go, running around trying to achieve this or that, stressing and burning ourselves out usually to the point where both our health and wellbeing begins to suffer.  But if we start from the place of ‘beingness’, becoming more like human-beings  then we can begin to generate what we really need and desire.

We believe following this principle enables us to maximise our life satisfaction, wellbeing and happiness.