4 Tips For Entrepreneurial Wellbeing

1. Don’t Let Your Emotions Ruin Your Business!

Use both the left and right brain for business success.

As entrepreneurs, we are often faced with an array of decisions, pressures and stressors that it can be all too easy to let our emotions rule are business responses. The challenge is to gain a balance between emotional focus as dictated by our right brain and the facts & research utilised by the left brain.

1. Acknowledge and label your emotional feelings immediately in 2-3 words e.g.” I am overwhelmed.” Doing so will help you remain clearer on what you are feeling in order to find a clearer solution.
2. Use your emotional label to be objective and conduct some research to find out solutions to your emotional responses. e.g. what is the best strategy to deal with this emotion objectively?

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 2. What price will you pay for success?

A dark secret shared by many successful entrepreneurs and business owners is that the long hours and 7 day week they put in to achieve success can also cost them their physical, mental or emotional health as well as their family and relationships.

“A man who has no time for his health will soon have little time for anything else!”

Tip: Learn to create work boundaries where you ‘clock off’ and invest in yourself and loved ones by setting certain days/times where you can fully absorb in creating life/balance free from work.

Health is your wealth

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3. For the Ultimate Success Surround Yourself With A Great Team!

Success is rarely achieved alone. So be mindful of the people who you spend or invest your time with as they will either help to elevate or deflate you!

3 Contacts You Must Have

1. The Positive – who will be there to pull you up when you’re feeling low and get you back in gear.
2. The Questioner – who will help question and make you accountable for your decisions or non-decisions.
3. The Visionary – who will help project your vision, keeping your sights high and limitless.

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4. To Do or Not To Do…

Part of the stress of being an entrepreneur or business owner is trying to plough though an almost never ending To-Do-List! 

Tip: Rather than being a busy bee, increase your productivity and reduce the constant stress of being busy by focusing on an outcome instead.  What outcome do you want from your day?  What things do you need to do to achieve these outcomes? 

This will help you focus more on being productive and not just busy doing nothing!  Helping to not only  boost your wellbeing and morale, but promote your business goals, save time and reduce the unnecessary list of To-Do’s.

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